Natural Anti-Aging Skin Hacks for Topical Use: 9 Best Natural Ingredients

I previously wrote about anti-aging foods, so it only makes sense to follow it up with natural anti-aging skin hacks for topical use. We are what we eat, but what we put on our skin is important too.

After the age of 20, our skin beings producing 1% less collagen every year. Collagen is what makes our skin firm and elastic, so the less we produce, the “older” our skin looks. Aging is a natural part of life, and is pretty much inescapable, nor is there anything to be ashamed of when it comes to ageing. Personally, I’m very very into skincare and would like to keep it up. But, you defintely do not lose value or are less beautiful just because you look your age or look a different age.

I’m not against conventional skincare by the way. So this isn’t a “there’s toxins in sunscreen” kind of post. I will fess up to using products like retinol and glycolic acid – and SPF every single day.

Disclaimer: I’m not a dermatologist. These findings are based on my own research as an individual and what seems to work for my skin. Apparently, I don’t look 25 so I must be doing something right.

Without further ado, here are some natural anti-wrinkle home remedies.

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Natural Aniti-Aging Remedies For Topical Use

Aloe Vera

aloe vera

Aloe vera is good for moistrusing your skin and is believed to have anti-aging properties. It’s very soothing when it comes to dealing with sun-exposure or burns.

I’ve been using it to treat my acne.

Banana Peel

bananas sliced next to banana peel - natural anti-aging skin ingredients for face

Believe it or not, banana peel is good for skin!

Before you just toss it out, you can rub the peel on your face. Banana peel is anti-inflammatory and a source of antioxidants.


coffee beans next to coffee grounds and a latte

One of the purported benefits of coffee scrubs is that the caffeine will magically get rid of stretch marks and cellulite; this is a tad overhyped. Exfoliating can definitely make your skin appear smoother. Based on what I’ve read, the actual amount of caffeine your skin is getting is not enough to really make a substantial change. But, don’t dismiss coffee.

Lots of stores are selling coffee scrubs but I don’t think you need to buy them. It’s one of the easiest natural anti-wrinkle home remedies to make, and you don’t even need to buy anything!

I use coffee scrubs regularly and feel much more awake and refreshed. Plus, it’s a great way to exfoliate.

After you’re done, give your face a spritz with some rose water.

Oils oils oils

Oils are a bit of a taboo thing in skincare. Why would you put oil on your face and risk breakouts!?

I used to have extremely oily skin, and acne, so after spending my whole teenage years on every acne medication and treatment under the sun, years later I can’t tell what my skin type is now. I used to be terrified of oils because I thought they would clog my pores and make it worse – which is sometimes the case – but research suggests that moisturizers can contribute to improving signs of acne.

Natural Anti-Aging Oils For Face

Coconut Oil

coconut oil next to coconuts - natural anti-aging skincare hacks

You have probably noticed that coconut oil is one of the most popular natural anti-aging ingredients.

I put a coconut oil infused with CBD on my face after a shower. It helps to lock in the moisture while the CBD can help to reduce inflammation.

Some people find that coconut oil makes their skin break out so it’s not for everyone.

Rosemary Essential Oil

someone pouring face oil on their hand

I’ve been using rosemary essential oil in my hair, but it’s also good for your skin. It’s so refreshing and I feel brighter after using it.

I want to stress that pure essential oil should not be put on your skin. You need to dilute it with some sort of carrier oil.

Clary Sage Oil

someone holding skincare face oil over flowers

Like rosemary oil, clary sage oil smells divine.

Research found that it has antibacterial properties which may help ease acne caused by bacteria. It also contains antioxidants which can combat oxidative stress.

Argan Oil

face oil next to flowers - natural anti-aging skin hacks

Argan oil is a popular hair care product but it also one of the best anti-aging oils out there.

One of the main causes of aging is sun damage. A study found it might protect against sun damage. Be sure to wear SPF daily regardless. Research has also found that argan oil can make skin more elastic.

Check out this argan and baobab oil.

Pumpkin Seed Oil

pumpkin seeds

I discovered pumpkin seed oil on social media and had to try it!

Pumpkin seed oil is deeply moistrusing which is just one of the reasons it’s one of the best anti-aging oils for face and body. It also contains vitamin E which is anti-inflammatory and moistrusing. and omega 3 which is good for softening skin and regulating the skin’s natural production of oil.

I used pure pumpkin seed oil on my face and body for a few weeks. My skin broke out, so fair warning if you want to use pumpkin seed oil on your face. You might not get spots, but it’s much too heavy for my skin.

Bear in mind that it does stain everything. It comes out a strong green colour which will get all over your clothes and bedsheets – so wear and sleep in dark colours. The stains kind of lift in the wash but your whites will probably never be white again. Don’t be surprised when it turns your skin slightly green too – but it doesn’t stain your skin, once you wake up and wash your face you’ll look like your normal self!

If you’re worried about breaking out or staining everything you own, you might feel better with a product infused with pumpkin seed oil rather than pure pumpkin seed oil.

a woman with cucumber slices on her eyes

While you’re here, check out this eco-friendly skincare round-up.

So there we have some natural anti-aging beauty hacks for topical use. What’s your skincare routine like?

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